Dr. María Clementina Medina

   M.Sc. in Physics, 2003, UNT, Tucuman, Argentina
Ph.D. in Science and Technology, mention Physics, 2007, UNSAM, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
"The Pierre Auger Observatory at low energies: study of its performance and possible enhancements"
Current position: Adjoint Researcher (IAR - CONICET)

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Contact: clementina@iar.unlp.edu.ar

My PhD thesis was done in the framework of the Pierre Auger Collaboration and it was dedicated to the study the arrival direction of high energy cosmic rays (> 1 EeV). As I participated on the construction of the Observatory, my work also implied Cherenkov detectors charactization and calibration, data taken improvement and data analysis. In order to understand the mechanisms of production of these Very High Energy particles, my postdoctoral research were related to the detection of the high energy Gamma-rays using Cherenkov Telescopes at ground as member of the H.E.S.S. collaboration. I've studied the gamma emission from Active Galactic Nuclei, specially from radiogalaxies, trying to establish a possible escenario for production of the VHE cosmic rays observed by the P.A. Observatory. In this scenario, very high energy protons are accelerated in a extended region at the base of a relativistic jet. The generalization to other type of AGN is in progress. In parallel, I've been working since 2008 inside the Consortium CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array), which has as goal built the first observatory of Gamma-rays, composed by hundred of telescopes and open to the scientific community. I've worked on MonteCarlo simulations, site characterization and mirrors development.