Dra. Daniela Pérez

   M.Sc. in Astronomy, 2010, UNLP, Argentina,"Global causality in cosmology"
Ph.D. in Astronomy, 2016, UNLP, Argentina, "Astrophysical black holes"
Current position: CONICET researcher

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Contact: danielaperez@iar.unlp.edu.ar

My research interest embrace diverse topics: relativistic astrophysics, gravitation, cosmology and philosophy of science. My Ph.D thesis was especially concerned with the study on black hole interiors, and global-to-local relations in different cosmological scenarios. I have also carried out investigations on the strong gravity regime of alternative theories of gravities such as f(R)-gravity and Scalar-Tensor-Vector Gravity (STVG). Currently, I am focused on the study of the astrophysical manifestations of compact objects in modified theories of gravity.