Dr. J. Facundo Albacete Colombo

   M.Sc. in Astronomy, 1999, UNLP, Argentina, "Optical and X-ray study of massive early O-type stars in the Carina Nebula"
Ph.D. in Astronomy, 2004, UNLP, Argentina, "Optical spectroscopy and X-ray emission from massive O-type stars of the Carina region"

Current position: Universidad de Río Negro (Argentina) - CONICET

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Contact: donfaca@gmail.com

Since last years, my research work is essentially related to the X-ray emission from young stars placed in different Galactic Star Forming Regions (SFRs). More specifically, using observations of the XMM-Newton and Chandra X-ray satellites, I've addressed different problems of the modern astrophysics:

  1. The origin of X-rays in young O-type stars and/or O+OB binary systems
  2. From a statistical point of view, the X-ray properties and variability characteristics of Pre Main-Sequence (PMS) low-mass stars.
I've recently opened my research field to the compact objects and their properties in the radio, infrared, optical and X-ray wavelengths. This approach is a powerful tool to get a complete vision about the physics of such objects, but also helps us to detect and identify the nature of unknown galactic and/or extra-galactic sources.