Prof. Dr. Gustavo E. Romero

   M.Sc. in Physics, 1991, UNLP, Argentina
Ph.D. in Physics, 1995, UNLP, Argentina, "Rapid variability of southern extragalactic radio sources"
Current position: Professor (UNLP) / Researcher (IAR-CONICET)

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My research interests cover a wide range of topics that can be encompassed by the general subject of Relativistic Astrophysics. My initial work, starting with my Ph.D. research, was on radio variability of blazars. Since then, my interest on AGN physics diversified to include optical observations, theory of accretion disks, gamma-ray production mechanisms, dynamics of binary supermassive black hole systems, and cosmic ray acceleration in active galaxies. With S.A. Cellone and J.A. Combi, I got involved in optical microvariability observations of blazars and in the corresponding analysis of the error sources in these kind of studies. I have supervised several students working on these topics. As a parallel research line I have implemented a series of studies of extended, nonthermal radio sources of presumed galactic nature. These studies focused on the search for new supernova remnants of low surface brightness and rest on powerful techniques of imaging processing and background filtering. These same techniques have been applied, with interesting results, to the study of the radio fields around unidentified gamma-ray sources. The quest for the identification of gamma-ray sources has been a constant among my research interests along the last 20 years. I have carried out many investigations of individual sources, with interesting results, as well as population studies. Currently, most of my efforts are devoted to the study of high-energy emission from microquasars and galactic black holes. I also do research on black hole physics, and other topics in general relativity. I supervised several students in all these fields.