Cosmic rays

Galactic and extragalactic.

Compact Objects

Neutron stars, pulsars, black holes on all scales, microquasars.

Gamma-ray bursts

Structure, multiwavelength radiation, gravitational waves, neutrinos, progenitors, host galaxies, GRB-star formation connection.

Foundations of science

Philosophy of space time theories, interpretation of quantum mechanics, ontology

Supernova Remnants

Central objects, radio, X-rays, interaction.

Gravitation and cosmology

General Relativity, alternative theories of gravity, cosmological black holes, local effects of the cosmological expansion.

Active Galactic Nuclei

Blazars, Radiogalaxies, Variability

X-ray astrophysics

Supernova remnants, compact objects in X-ray binaries and massive stars with the new generation of X-ray satellites: XMM-Newton, Chandra and NuStar.

Massive stars

Winds, bowshocks, interaction with the ISM.

Gamma-ray sources

Galactic and extragalactic.